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Barbeque Sauces and Glazes

These are the best BBQ sauces and glazes on the market. These aren’t mass made products that have no flavour. These are premium grade sauces that compliment and enhance the dishes you are creating. Our huge selection offers up award winning sauces and glazes. Which one is YOUR favourite?

Hot Sauce

Do you like it mild, or do you prefer to get to the point with your hot sauce? We’ve got you covered across the board. From the mild caeser flavoured Mardis Gras, to the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, we’ve got everything. Try them all and see how hot you can handle it!

Seasonings and Rubs

To get the right spice, you have to have the best ingredients. All of our our seasonings are made with the highest quality ingredients available. You can tell everyone that these were your house blends, we won’t tell anyone!

Dip Mixes

Veggies, crackers, chips, sandwiches, and wraps never stood a chance to not be eaten when you add our dip mixes into the equation. Simple platters can be turned into OMG moments. Simple to make, but not so simple to share. They taste so good that you may make it for everyone but end up eating it yourself.


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    Liquid Lava Hot Wings

    When you have that craving for wings you want the good stuff. These Liquid Lava wings will bring the heat along with the all the flavour. Will it burn your mouth off? Maybe… Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

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    Szechaun Stir Fry

    This is our absolute favourite stir fry. No one else can compare to our Szechuan bowl. It’s sweet, its a tiny bit spicy and it’s all amazing. One of the most addictive meals you’ll ever have.

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    Honey Hickory Ribs

    This sauce is exactly what ribs were made for. It’s got the perfect balance of sweet, smokey and heat all in one. It caramelizes perfectly on the grill, but is also perfect for adding more straight from the bottle after if you like to dip your ribs once they are cooked.



Amazing Pizza

Sauce and pizza. It’s a match made in heaven. From smokey BBQ to butt-kicking Reaper slices, you choose who you love and who you want to hurt.


Be the talk of the town like you’ve always wanted. Start off the night with some Dill Dip and veggies, moving into some appetizers laced with Szechuan sauce drizzled over cream cheese and crackers. Bring on the main course by grilling up some Honey Hickory Chipotle baby back ribs and let them drool all over your patio.


Seasonings, rubs and sauces, we have it all. If you want to smother your chicken in some Carolina Mustard glaze, or rub down your steak with our BBQ seasoning or kick up your stir fry with our Hotiyaki sauce, we will bring the flavours to your food that you’ve been craving.


Honey Curry wraps, Chipotle Mayo chicken sandwiches, hickory pulled pork buns… where does it end??